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What’s happened in my life since 2014…

You may remember me from old blogs I used to run between c. 2001 and 2014. They were usually political and very right wing. Well a lot has changed in my life, and I should tell all the new visitors about this before I start on a new blog, which will not be political (kinda like the old, though I may discuss politics on occasion.)

I don’t want to get into the very strange details, but I kinda drifted away from blogging circa 2014-15, where I found myself with a group of artists on the Internet who were primarily about producing “videos” if you want to call them that (they were more like collages with music and text-to-speech voices) which were very very postmodern, with a focus on being shocking, disturbing, sexually graphic, and politically incorrect. This went on until late 2015 when the family of the “head guy” was targeted by a gang of disgruntled trolls, some motivated by disgust against the postmodern content, others being “social justice warrior” types who believed said trolling was justified. (I was later threatened too, but nothing ever came of it.)

Attempts to revive the group have repeatedly failed, and I have given up completely. Or so I think right now. You see, this whole thing is very cult-like. It offers to ability to express myself without the aggravating frustration of YouTube, where you are censored for either (1) hate speech, with no ability to appeal as you can only click “I Acknowledge” or close your account, or (2) material you think you have the rights to post but is actually owned by some other company you’ve never heard of (some of which don’t even exist according to their claimed state government’s Web site).

Worse, every time I try and sign up for YouTube they demand my phone number. I’m not going to put every Android account at risk because some random anonymous person hates or misinterprets my politics.

Now onto politics. If you remember me from Liberty Columns and Library, you’ve known me for my background in Tea Party and Ron Paul activism backed by a paleolibertarian anarcho-capitalist streak. A lot of stuff has changed since then. Basically, the Republican Party has proven again and again since 9/11 that the 80s-90s quest for a small government which does not care about your personal life is no longer welcome anywhere. It’s either big government the Republican way, or big government the Democratic way. And as the priorities of the Republican Party and other ideological conservatives and libertarians have changed to a “Law and Order President” who makes no shit about his blatant cronyism in his platform, plus the far-right joke of a Supreme Court we have, my priorities have shifted to the priorities of which Democrats have. When Ted Cruz lost in 2016, I came out in support Hillary Clinton and took endless harassment from everyone I knew and loved. People, even family accused me of all kinds of things like having the blood of unborn babies on my hands and having to answer to Christ for voting Democratic, when it should be obvious by this point that the Republican Party is secretly dedicated to keeping abortion legal at the request of the same Big Medicine donors who send money to both candidates. It should seem shady to people that the Republican Party platform supports abortion in the case of rape or incest, and always include exemptions in “de-fund Planned Parenthood bills” to allow funding for abortions in case of rape and incest. It always seemed shady to me.

The sudden random appearance of a generation of neo-Nazi college kids doesn’t help either. One of said artists in the previous community was not out to shock people, but actually believed in hatred, abandoned his transgender curiosity and became a major figure in the alt-right. Yes, artists have all kinds of sexualities and fantasies, and I began to reflect on myself a bit. I won’t get into details.

I have no need to switch parties, but I am open to it. I live in a closed primary state with ridiculous discriminatory requirements for third party candidates, so being anything but Democratic or Republican just disqualifies you from anything. Plus, I can’t side with the Democrats on abortion, gun control, or political correctness, all of which are very important issues to me. My political views are now more in line with the anti-capitalist “freed market” anarchists, rather than the binding capitalism and private police of the anarcho-capitalists. Mandatory binding arbitration clauses brought to you by the far-right joke of a Supreme Court has proven this a failure.

As for religion, I consider myself a Christian, not having to go through often total dickheads and their opinions to find God (as with Catholicism)  or having my faith and spirituality stuck within the Bible and interpretations of it (as with Protestantism). I will still pray and attend services with any Christian. This is also more in line with my anarchist political views, especially given how under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church is more like UNICEF than a religion. Pope Francis’ views on illegal immigration never bothered me though, and I’m still waiting for global warming to give me nicer weather and safer roads.

Now with the politics and religion out of the way, it’s time to talk about other stuff in my life since 2014 that has kind of pushed politics and religion off to the side. I have a larger family now and am spending time with them more often. I have been involved in playing the game Minetest, and run three servers for the game.

Two of the artists in that group previously mentioned reintroduced me to anime, something I liked back in high school and college but lost interest in as the fad faded away. I have since taken an interest in magical girl anime, namely Akazukin Chacha, Wedding Peach, Sailor Moon, and Nanoha. I am very active on a Sailor Moon message board and maintain a Sailor-Moon-related book (and Linux fortunes taken from it). You’re gonna see a lot of anime pictures here, and probably hell of a lot more often than political rants. I always tweet and retweet anime pictures on my Twitter account (where I am also a lot less often political.)

I always preferred blogging to social media, even if nobody sees what I have to say. I will definitely integrate the RSS feed into my Twitter account @redblade84 soon.

“Answering the call from a new era…”